General HTTP Responses

Status code


200 OK

The request is handled successfully and the requested data is bundled in the response body.

204 No content

The request is successful but no content to return, such as DELETE requests, or no data is found with the given query.

400 Bad request

Invalid query parameters and/or request body, or illegal action in the request. The detailed error messages will be returned in the response body.

401 Unauthorized

The authorization token cannot be found in the request header or the token is invalid or expired.

404 Not found

The target endpoint does not exist or data requested is not found. The detailed error message will be returned in the body if the latter.

405 Method not allowed

The HTTP method is not allowed at the target endpoint.

409 Conflict

The data entry to persist conflicts with other existing data in the unique fields. Only happens to POST and PUT requests.

415 Unsupported media type

The request media type is not supported. Only JSON format (application/json) is supported in Pymlo API.

500 Internal error

Internal server error in the API backend.