Retrieve API Client

Step 1: Acquire your own API client so that you can access your data through Pymlo API.

The following code segment demonstrates a curl call with the required Headers and general format of requests to the Pymlo API.

Requests are authenticated using OAuth2 Bearer tokens which you receive in exchange for a code we issue after a logged-in user performs an authorization grant request.

curl -X PUT
-H "Authorization: Bearer <bearer>"
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-d '{
"invoice_no": "INV_ABC001",
"date": "2015-12-25"

Full Access Client

This type of client is issued to business profiles (as the resource owner) and used to access to the accounting data of ONE profile only. You can claim a company-specific client id and secret from your business setting page.


An OAuth token enables a Pymlo user to give your application scoped access to their account.

You will be able to register for OAuth credential from Q3, 2019.